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Friday, April 2, 2010

Apple Butter Treats - The Official Treat of the Angel Acres Horses!

It's been a long time coming...I have tried every treat (that was healthy and as natural as we could find) that I could find in hopes that our velvet-nosed gang would all agree on ONE treat. Then I figured I'd settle and just hope for one that most of them would eat, that a supplier, manufacturer, distributor etc would be willing to give us a discount on...not free, we know they have to make a profit to stay in business.

I approached several and most were polite (one was downright rude) but would not offer us ANY sort of discount. So, I gave up and decided to forget about it and kept different treats for different horses.

WELL, WELL, times have changed! FAST FORWARD TO LAST WEEEK...we received (after being contacted) a sample of Apple Butter Treats...soooo...not getting too excited I set about giving each horse a treat...when I approached Silk, I thought, whats the use, she'll just turn her nose, then grudgingly take it, naw it a bit, and the spit it out with all the drama of a soap opera queen...sssoooo...I set about the routine..."coommmeee on Silky Momma...come on, you know you want the treat...tttuuummm onnnn bbabby girrrl take the treat for miss jo (you all KNOW the baby talk/horse talk routine here lol)"

I waited for her to do her drama routine and move on...but NO...SHE LIKED IT...LORD A MERCY SHE LIKED IT...I was SHOCKED...sssoooo...I fed everyone else a treat, said nite nite...and set the bag on the shelf.

Next morning...I head to barn and just BARELY MOVED the treat bag and you would have thought an 8ft carrot had just entered the building! WHAT A CHORUS OF WHINNIES AND HOLLERING"...and YES...even Silk!!!

So, I fly to the phone and call Fran and tell her the story and tell her we NEED, not WANT...but need these treats to be our official treat sponsor...and...drum roll please...after 6 years of searching...

Apple Butter Treats is The Official Treat of the Angel Acres Horses! We will be feeding these treats exclusively!

From Toi at Apple Butter Treats:

Apple Butter Treats makes all-natural treats for horses. They are made from good things like oatmeal, flax, and molasses and are filled with real homemade apple butter… all things horses love! There are no fillers, preservatives, by-products, or additives. We also donate 35% percent of our profits to horse rescue organizations.

For more information, please visit our website at If placing an order, please make sure to click on Add Special Instructions to Merchant in Paypal and enter “ANGEL ACRES”. This will ensure that Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue gets the donation from that purchase.

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