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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bandito Update & More!

This mornings photo of Bandito...he came over to me before I even called his name...he has been with us for three weeks now and is slowly, so slowly, recovering. His spirits are better, his body is not.

You can't tell from the picture this morning, but he has gained 20lbs since arriving. He's been here three has taken us that long to get him used to eating again. And lordy can he YELL for breakfast and dinner...really, really loudly!

Blood was drawn on Tuesday and we are awaiting those results...they will tell us if his liver is healing, as it was damaged due to the starvation he endured. Also, (sorry for the tmi) drinking muddy water and urine helped keep him alive, but really took a toll on his condition.

We have added more reader comments on his page on the can see his page here.

We are hoping for more hay donations (we have 30 more bales waitin to be picked up), have a few more teams for the Bowling For Bandito Fundraiser, got our first address mailer out and on its way and more...we have been very busy little bees at the rescue!

Also...we will be closed to visitors from April 23, 2010 (Jo's 40th EGADS! Birthday) through May 2, 2010. Regular volunteers will be staffing the rescue...I will be posting this note at the bottom of each post from now until we return.

And Thursday's have been designated as paperwork, vet and farrier days...this will cut down on wasted time and will allow more time during the week for schooling, ground work, and other horse related activities.

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