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Monday, April 26, 2010

Bowling for Bandito Event Was FANTASTIC!

Well, where to begin?! Let me start by saying THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this event a huge success!!!

We were worried about getting at least 10 teams to bowl for Bandito, otherwise we would have had to cancel the fundraiser...

Fast forward to 2:10pm yesterday (I am late for my own event, I know, I know, but it was foggy and a horse needed a quick cleanup before I left and then had to shower etc lol) event was from 2 to 4...I call Fran and say...yep, on our way be there in 10 mins etc...Fran says, "Good, Cause the entire bowling alley is full and lanes 1 - 31 are for Angel Acres."...all calm and stuff..."See you when you get here"...I am like...she is kidding, right?! Well, I walk-in and was SHOCKED to see the entire bowling alley full and all those lanes WERE for Bandito!!!

We have GOT to be the luckiest rescue around...such great volunteers, great people, great friends...we had a blast, raised funds for Bandito (no idea how much yet will post later) and raised awareness about the need for horse rescue, all while having a great time!

Special thanks to Fran, for her unending support of our rescue (she was presented with a special award from the Velvet-Nosed Gang for her hard work for them - will get her to send me a picture) and WLIF for sending along the LITE Prize Van to the event!!

And Thank You to Stephanie for making an ADORABLE cake for my 40th birthday with Bandito's adorable picture on the front!

And thanks to all of our readers, volunteers, helpers, and those sending thoughts and prayers to Bandito...he's still got a long way to go, but we think he will pull through!

Clare shown above...Angel Acres foster mom and training barn owner!!

Big Thanks to Ellen Black (who I cannot find the picture I took of her at the moment) for her help selling the tickets for the Chinese auction items. SHE ROCKED THOSE TICKETS! And... ALL of the prizes were donated by local companies...will post that list later (am on vacation, it's a working one, of course lol) this week...its long...yea!!

The Wild Thornberries, Debi Fowlers Team, these guys and girls had special shirts made up just for this event!

Fran and her Mom, Fran, at the table!

David and Carol, who helped us with our label fundraiser, in the green room...

Linda and Lizzie...Angel Acres volunteers!

How adorable?! I think she was her teams the cuteness dept!

An Entire Bowling Alley Full of people helping Bandito....PRICELESS :o)

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