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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What do I think of these horses? Are you serious?!

WELLLL...THEY LOOK AMAZING!!! Note below is from Token (1st picture) and Storms (2nd picture) Mom, Nikki.

Hey Jo,
Hope all is going well, We took some new pics of the Horses and I wanted to share. Token looks Fab. He is so pretty and his winter coat is almost gone. Storm is doing good, she is not a big eater and I wish I could get a little more weight on her.

But she is full of energy, I can not wait to get my ring done so I can start riding her.

Take care and have a wonderful day, let me know what you think of the horses!


FROM US: THANK YOU for giving these horses a second chance at think....THESE are rescue are helping us to change the mindset of what a "rescue horse" really is...Thank you!

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