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Friday, April 9, 2010

Heather, Romeo &....Katie?? Sounds like a match made in heaven!

This is Romeo...he has a long, long, long story...he was adopted by Jo-Ellen about 18 months ago...but she didn't want to keep him...she wanted to do several things:

1) Help out a horse in need - (check)

2) Adopt a horse that she could be sure would be taken care of forever - (check)

3) Give another person the joy of owning a horse - (check)

4) Give herself a wonderful birthday gift, the gift of giving a second chance at life - (check)

Jo-Ellen is a tremendously special lady and because of her, Heather & her family have a wonderful, sound, healthy, might we add VERY good looking man of the equine persuasion to hang out with and trail ride. These are photos that Heather just brought over on her visit to Angel Acres on Weds...we think Heather is doing a fabulous job meeting all the requirements mentioned above...and them some!!

The photo below is Romeo and Katie, Heather's daughter, we hear Romeo just loves her! Another Angel Acres happy ending!! YEAAA!!!!
And Jo-Ellen still checks in on Romeo and Heather so appreciates the gift that Jo-Ellen gave to her and her family...and Romeo...

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