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Thursday, April 8, 2010


OK GANG...those that know me know I don't like asking for stuff and beating people up to help us (As a matter of fact I get harrassed by MY own volunteers for not asking for help lol)...BUT NOW WE NEED PEOPLE in the MARYLAND & PA area to BOWL FOR BANDITO & We will be having the WLIF (Lite 102) Friends & Neighbors Prize Van visiting there for Bandito too!!!

We have 4 teams scheduled:
  • Bandito Strikers- Linda, Lizzie, Clare + friends
  • Wild Thornberries- Debi F, Mike D, Tyler, Alisa, Natalie, Amy S.
  • Cherokee Riders- Kelli McGee & Friends
  • Alley Cats- Abbey Margiotta and friends.

  • We need 6 more teams (6 people on each team) or the event will NOT take place...and we REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need do to this Bowling Event for several will help raise awareness about Bandito and horses like Prince (who lost his battle for life after being raced, starved, and abused) will help others connect in the community with horse owners and non-horse owners.

    It's just two hours from 2 to 4pm in Timonium MD and just $20 a person for 2 games of bowling, popcorn and soda...the WLIF PRIZE VAN will be there and there will also be a chinese auction!

    Please call Fran at 410-340-7676 or email her at

    And PLEASE Cross Post and help us help Bandito and others like him...neglected, abused and abandoned horses that need our help. We can't do what we do without help from the community...horsey folks and non horsey folks!

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