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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Angel Acres Gets Huge Hay Donation - Need Storage Help!!!

Great News For The Angel Acres Horses!

We received a HUGE donation of hay today!

We have been offered 3000 to 4000 bales of hay...this would take care of our hay for an ENTIRE year!

We need help with moving and storage...the hay is located just outside of Hanover, PA and we need to move it as soon as possible.

This is the help we need if anyone can offer any assistance to us we would love you forever :o)

We need some help moving the hay from its location onto trucks and/or trailers.

We need people with trucks and/or trailers who can let us use the trucks or bring the truck and let us load it onto the truck to move the hay. Our big truck is broken down and will probably not start again (its 20+ years old).

We need a place to store it...either a couple hundred bales in the area or 1000 whatever you can offer is FABULOUS!

Please write to us or call us at 717-965-7901 if you can help us!


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