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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Manure Spreader AKA Poopy Holder Machine - Update!

Well, today is the 4th time we have used the manure works GREAT!! One of our readers, Linda a very kind lady who is a big supporter of Angel Acres, wrote today and asked about it. I had posted some info on Facebook, but forgot to do a blog post, I think! YIKES!!!

Here are pictures of the newer model spreader we were able to purchase thanks to the generos support of our readers. Our spreader was a 1938 model that survived 6 years at the rescue...this one is a 1955 model and is super spiffy when compared to the dinosaur we were using!!

Big thanks to Rose at the York Daily Record...she posted our need for a manure spreader in the community section of the newspaper and after reading the article, Cathy of Glen Rock donated her used, albeit broken, spreader to us (too small for us to use).

But, once Greg fixes it, we will sell it and put those funds towards a new (HA, ha, we use that word VERY loosely around here!!! LOL) tractor. Ours is a 1951 - Ford 8N Tractor - anything post 1960 will be new for us. The PTO spinner thingy petered out and we need one that works, so that's our next project...we need it for TONS of things around the rescue, one of them being pulling the spreader!

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