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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

17 Thoroughbreds STILL need Help they are FREE to good Home!



There are currently 17 TBs in need of a home. The owner has been trying for months to sell and give away these horses and is frustrated. He needs to vacate the facility he is at, and his hands are tied.

If you can make a solid commitment and offer a real home, please call him ASAP. Donald Jones at 845-591-7697. Horses are in Westtown, Orange County, NY and will need to be trailered. Right now they are FREE and clean of infectious diseases - they probably won't be if they end up at auction - and then there will be fees to get them out.

The owner has 10 days to completely move out - he will not send them to auction if people will speak for them and come get them! (I don't think he has a trailer or TIME to trailer them all over).

The horses are scheduled to go to auction tomorrow (June 2nd) between 6-7am. - of the 17, 6 are mares with foals by their sides and 5 straight mares.

We (Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue) were contacted last night as well and we are full (no one scheduled to leave for a couple of weeks & we cant put clean horses at a qt farm) so we are helping to spread the word MINUS the Sharon Crumb info, she is not a legitimate rescue in my opinion and I stay far, far away from her...but I do want to help get this gentleman's horses here is the remaining list...

Here's a list of the mares and foals ( 2 unbred mares are spoken for but we are unsure which ones right now.)

Peaceful Dawn 2002 - 5/10 colt didn't know if he had papers or not, but registerable colt.

1990 Andover Ally - colt 5/16 papers misplaced, foals are registerable

2001 Celestial Touch - 4/8 colt yes papers

2005 Midnight Service - 4/20 filly yes papers

2003 Star Valley - 5/1 filly yes papers

2002 TC Blue Eyes - 5/20 colt - papers not readily available

1990 Seattle Slew Mare, bred, but not checked - papers

1991 Looney Moon - lost her colt, she's open yes papers

1990 Slew five Oh - not reproductively sound - papers

Elegant Angel - sound, cribber, only one of the bunch 1999. Potential for riding horse. Uncomplicated. 16H Big boned, nice mare. Papers might be at racing office, but not in his possession. Foals are registerable.

3 mares with hind end issues - 1991 Janitrix, 1996 Noble Satin Doll, 1992 (didn't get the name, cell dropped the call). He said they are not riding candidates - companion only or broodmares. One is a stakes producer, one has an incredible family. Cannot be field kept, will need TLC. No papers in hand at this time, but all foals can be registered.

Best way to find out all the information on horses is to CALL DONALD - he knows better than us about UTD shots, Coggins, worming, dental, vices, etc of specific horses! If you want to speak for one or more, again, CALL DONALD - he actually knows which of the horses are still available!

Contact info again is:

Donald Jones (owner) - 845-591-7697

Thanks for any help!

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