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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When the truck is empty...sigh...we STILL need you...

What happens AFTER the truck is coming turns into the truck is empty? And now there are real live to save?

Rescues need help AFTER the SAVE...we need to care for the horses after we get them...that means quarantine board, then transport, coggins, feet, teeth, deworming, feeding, etc...

There is absolutely no glory or excitement in paying the feed bill or the vet...but there IS glory in seeing a once starving horse (like Bandito at left) being fed and getting healthy. We need YOUR help making those amazing and exciting before and after stories.

What does this mean? It means our grain bill runs at LEAST $2000 per month...we need help with that...Quarantine board is $250 per month, ditto...Vetting one single horse is about $150 to $200 on average...and on and on...please don't forget helping rescues after the save!

Angel Acres does not normally (we have on occasion for super duper emergency situations, I think 3 times over 6 years) raise funds to the tune of the "truck is coming" we do have a slaughter/rescue fund for going to auction if people want to donate way BEFORE the auction.

Please consider helping with our day to day care - its just as important as the slaughter fund...and will help us keep helping horses like Bandito!

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