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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hay Day!! WOO HOOO!!!!! Thanks To Fran & The Gang!!!

Bob, of Monkton, MD., donated hay to us last was FABULOUS hay and the horses loved it. I wrote Bob a thank you card and wished him a fantastic summer and told him how much the horses liked his hay (there was NOTHING left of it anywhere once it went into the stalls and fields). Then went about regular rescue business....

A few weeks ago Fran gets a call from Bob...she calls me..."oh my gosh Jo, Bob wants Angel Acres to have ALL of his hay!"...I'm like..."get the heck outta here, Fran!" But, it was, that left Fran with the task of finding somewhere to park the hay after it was baled and taken out of the fields, wagons to borrow to store the hay and on and on and on...655 bales of hay in total!!!

After much hard work by many people...we have the hay sitting in Chris' barn and the rest is being stored in another off-site building. This would not have been possible without a HUGE amount of team work and some serious fancy footwork on Fran's part!!!

Big Thanks To:

Fran - she always manages to pull it off - no matter what crazy idea we come up with!!!

Chris who arranged to get the hay unloaded and stacked for us! (not an easy task, at all!!)

Dave who helped with wagons and other hay related stuff to make this happen.

Bob - who is SO getting an awesome thank you card and some of my pumpkin bread this holiday season!

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