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Friday, June 25, 2010

Rescue Trucks Tire Ripped Off During Hay Run!

We are sorry for the delay in posting our blog...we have a great blog for Bernie adopted by a fabulous family in Western, PA...that will be tomorrows blog...but we wanted to let you know why we are

We are WAY behind due to the truck's tire being ripped off the other night while hauling hay. What a nightmare that was...but luckily we are all ok and no one was injured.

Big thanks to Ray at TNT Towing for towing the truck to Scotty's Tire and to Pat & Her family for the unending help they have given us with our hay efforts...she came to tow the trailer home.

When the tire came off we had to sit in the middle of Route 194 - till 9:30 at night or so, unload hay onto the side of the road, have Pat come and pick us up and then reload the hay onto her truck, rehook the trailer once Ray from TNT towed the truck away and then went to Pat's place and unloaded three truck loads of hay and the trailer. Then Pat drove Greg and I home...

Big Thanks to EVERYONE who helped us get home safely.

This just happens to be a FABULOUS seg-way...we are in the running for a $20,000 Chase Community Giving Grant. It's fast and easy to vote for us! No hovering over the computer to vote tons of times a day...just 2 clicks & 1 vote and your done!

You can vote for 20 different charities if you want, as well. But, only one vote for each group!

PLEASE consider voting and sharing for us...we sure could use a grant like this!

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