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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Angel Acres Observations - Meeting a Friend!

1) If you are dressed to go out with a friend you haven't seen in quite awhile - a horse WILL need to have some huge, gigantic insect swiped from his or back. Said insect will be in a location that one can not reach from outside the stall or fence. This will require opening the stall and a grateful horse, once having said bug removed WILL nuzzle your brand spanking new white shirt, usually after consuming so much water that it will run out of their mouth during said nuzzle.

2)If you are heading up the driveway, already late for said event, someone of the equine persuasion will watch you head up the driveway, turn to look at his or her tummy area and then look back at you. You will creep up the driveway, slower...waiting...and SURE ENOUGH the "oh, you're getting ready to and I MIGHT have a tummy ache" looks appears on said horses face....You hop out of truck, do the carrot test, listen to the belly, etc...and OF COURSE the belly brushes up against your nice, clean white shirt...sigh...and said horse walks off as if you were bothering him or her!

3) If you manage to get past one horse field without any of the above will invariably get to field number 2...which WILL have some member of your Velvet-Nosed Gang laying in a prone position, looking like the world is ending in roughly two minutes. You SPRINT from your truck, yelling horses name, repeatedly, to which there is no reaction AT ALL...UNTIL you throw open the gate (After pulling off a muddy - because it has more than likely just rained - latch usually, and ruining your clean outfit) still calling horses name...then you see it...the ear flicker & head starts to rise...this usually happens only after a change of clothes is needed and your heart is pounding out of your ears...and horse looks at you like..."What??!?!!"

More observations later...sigh...and yes...I have to go out this morning!! LOL!!

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