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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Remember Thunder? Check him out today!!!

Thunder was partnered with Baby Girl and needed to be placed as fast as humanly possible. He was rescued once by the owners...he was found tied to a tree and was a colt at 18 months old when found.

He was taken in by the family and was taken care of, but not much handling due to time constraints. He was basically unhandled when the owners found him. Fast foward three years...The owner lost her job and needed to have Thunder placed quickly.

We used Mattie's Legacy Fund to help keep Thunder in the home until a suitable foster or adoption home could be found.

I posted his needs and his photo...he wasn't very photogenic and his photo left A LOT to be desired...but Jennifer had seen something in that photo that made her call and email me...and basically, the applications filled out and sent to you, when do I get to take care of him?! I was like...well, we usually talk to you first and tell you about the horse, see if it's a match, etc...she didn't need all that (but we gave it to her anyway! LOL!)...and the rest, as they say...well...

see for yourself the before and after photos!

Thunder 1 week after arrival...

Thunder, today!
Super duper big thanks to Jennifer for stepping up to the plate and helping this guy get the chance at life he deserves!
You TOTALLY rock, Jennifer!!!

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