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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bath and Clean Up Day At Angel Acres :o)

Today was bath and clean up day at Angel Acres!

Derby got a bath...he needs to be all spiffy because he gets ready to head to his new home in mid April...Luvie got all spiffy for his upcoming horse showing (we delayed from yesterday till Thursday)...and Bandito watched it all from his dry lot - he cannot have grass yet or be with the other horses until he is much healthier and has gained more weight.

Here he is watching the gang get cleaned up!

ALSO: Big thanks to Barbara, Fran, Eileen, J.A., Jennifer, Sandra, Judy, Irene and Jen at Pure Thoughts for making donations to Bandito's care...We truly appreciate this kindness to him...We are doing all we can to ensure he makes it...thank you for caring and thank you to everyone who is leaving notes for him...I will get those up soon!

Big Thanks to Fran and Chris who came out today to volunteer with us to clean, muck stalls, help with horse washing and on and on and on...the place looks fabulous ladies! THANK YOU!

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