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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Ok...soooooo...I am paying the feed man this morning when I see a white truck FLYING down the driveway (ok as fast an SPCA loaded truck can fly lol) and I am like...Now, who the heck could be coming here this early and then I see the side of the truck and think...uh oh...I wonder what happened?

Officer Boyer jumps out of her truck and yells, (to my feedman as I am walking up the hill as she didn't see me) I need Jo Deibel, right now...I immediately think...this cannot be good...sigh...

Sure enough, it wasn' foward to Bandito (ban-Deeto)to the left and above...The owners lost interest in their horses and just stopped feeding them, stopped EVERYTHING and this guy was LEFT IN THE BARN WITH HIS DEAD EQUINE FRIEND FOR 6 WEEKS...the owners allowed his friend to STARVE TO DEATH...before the snow storms...

Officer Boyer asked if we could take him, we said yes and he arrived 30 minutes later. It was THAT urgent. She then shows me pictures of the dead horse in the stall (she will be sending to me later today/tomorrow morning) ...the pictures below were unable to capture how horribly underfed this horse is, he is a 1 on the scale...a ONE...which is the same as almost dead...

How can anyone lose interest and not take care of their animals...ok, you lost interest, fine, find them homes...don't frigging starve them to death so you can go play your little teenage/twentysomething games. They are REAL lives you are destroying and guess what... the rescues who are already struggling trying to make ends meet are the ones who are going to pick up the pieces of your little game playing...hope these two people are proud of, I am disgusted that they are even breathing the same air that I am.

I cant imagine how terrified, hungry, cold and just plain lonely this poor quarter horse gelding was. His friend died right before the storm...he's been in there with his dead friend for 6 weeks, he himself starving to death.

The pictures above are upon arrival at 11:30 this here to see his page on the Angel Acres website.

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