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Friday, March 12, 2010

New Program At Angel Acres - Horse of the Week!

We will be highlighting one Angel Acres horse each week...all of the Angel Acres horses are up to date on feet, teeth, shots, deworming, etc.

ALL of the horses are quarantined at a farm in Maryland for a minimum 60 days. They are then brought into the main farm where they are handled by me, and then the volunteers and evaluated for mental and physical stability, etc. Then they are sent to the training farm where they are schooled, and exercised several days each week.

Once this is done they are made available for adoption. Our new feature will give a more indepth look at each horse and we will be making a stronger push to find him or her a home. We will be starting with Luvie and working our way through the cast of characters, er horses, residing at Angel Acres!!

This weeks horse is Luvie...his special post will be up soon!

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