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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Who Doesn't Love Return Address Labels?!

What a SNAZZY lil title for this post...actually, it just popped into my head! LOL!

Angel Acres has received word that one of the fundraisers I have been wanting to do...since the very first year we started the going to become a reality!! For over 6 years I have been wanting to try to do a return address label fundraiser. You've probably seen get a a envelope in the mail (addressed to you or you and spouse etc) and open it up and there is your name & address on an adorable sticky label with a cute picture or cartoon and a note about the charity sending it to you. I LOVE THOSE...because it saves me from writing my addy on the envelopes I send out (I have carpal tunnel and anything that saves me holding a pen or pencil is fabulous!) for people and bills, etc.

Each one says...this is what we do...this is why we do it...would you like to don't have too...but hey, if you want to that'd be great. If not, well, we won't bother you again and that's that, keep the labels they are a gift.

I tried and tried and tried to get someone to help us do it...FOR YEARS...we kept hitting road blocks or something else would get in the way. So, I just put it on the back burner and know, maybe one day we will get to give it whirl. I had wanted to send out just one mailing a year (as I wouldn't want to harrass our donors and readers) and then have custom labels available on our website for a donation of any amount. Sadly...

I found out that a run, even at the printers cost, is several thousand dollars...which would mean that most of the funds raised would go to pay off the fundraiser costs and the rest would go to Mattie's Legacy Fund (which really needs more funding) and to Angel Acres General Fund (which we use to feed, house, etc the horses). This would be great to raise awareness about Angel Acres, Mattie's Fund, etc...but would it really be worth the time, effort and money...with NO guarantee we'd even raise a penny....a big risk we could not afford to take....



You just KNOW the people responsible for this are going to be so sick of hearing me say thank you, thank you, thank you so much, gosh they will probably have to go into hiding! LOL! I can't give out details now...but wanted to prep the poor souls who will eventually have to change their number to get me to stop calling and thanking for what they were in for :o)

Actually, I will control myself, say a thank you, post their links predominantly on our site...and will be sure to tell everyone I know how fabulously kind they were (there are several different people involved to make this happen for us and I will let you know soon who they are).

I AM THRILLED because this generous donation of time, skills, printing, envelope stuffing etc. will allow us to raise awareness about Angel Acres and why we rescue horses and EVERY penny raised will go towards Mattie's Legacy Fund and the Velvet-Noses we care for here at the rescue!

EVERY SINGLE PENNY RAISED - all because of the kindness of a few wonderful, caring people....PRICELESS :o)

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