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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bella - Once Slaughter Bound Pony...UPDATE!!!

From Liz:

Bella showed her first time at Duncaraven Stables in Central NJ on March 6th.

She placed 6th in Under Saddle (only 6 in the class) and her rider Kelly placed 2nd in Equitation (there were 4 in the class). It's my understanding that she should have been pinned better in the Under Saddle as another horse was bucking and acting up and our little Bella just behaved.

She was completely comfortable and didn't have a worry in the word. She just powered herself around with all the big horses. She really doesn't know that she is a pony! She is bombproof and this was her first time off of the property and she didnt have a care in the world. Of course when she got off the trailer she took about saying hello to everyone. Ears pricked up and a smile on her face!!

I am also attaching a picture of her doing her what she does best! Hippotherapy and helping out our young clients.

She is an amazing pony and everyone loves her dearly

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