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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Time For Some Happy News! Remember Raneem?

I just received this from Irene (ok I got it on Saturday but I am WAY behind on emails due to Bandito and Prince) and I wanted to share with you...we really needed some happy news and here it is! She adopted Raneem, a pasture buddy for her guy, Regent just about 2 years ago....

"In the light of what you just sent out (she is referring to newsletter with Bandito) I wanted to send you this picture as a reminder of the good work you do. I've been meaning to
send this since the storms, but Raneem (and Regent) fared very well.

He is doing well, his front leg is holding up but we have noticed some
more stiffening in it. Nothing that prohibits him from cantering
around and bucking like a yearling.

He has been a great buddy and a sweet sweet horse. Keep up the good
work and although I'm disgusted by the death of the one horse I'm so
grateful bandito found his way to you just in time.

Take care,
Irene Jennings"

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