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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pumpkin, A Special Horse, Is Headed Home :o)

Pumpkin's Story is unique...I happened to see his listing on me...I do not troll the internet looking for horses...I have a waiting list for horses to come in. BUT...I saw this lil face, he was a wearing a Santa hat and's ADORABLE...then I saw the price; my heart sank...for you see...his price was only $900 - yet he could walk, trot, canter and jump and the video of him working in the ring and the rider on his back riding him bareback, backwards and doing an around the world on him was amazing. (I think he might have been listed on ABR or something going back and forth, I don't go there, but have friends that do)

So, I email the seller and say "if you have trouble placing your horse, please let us know we will be happy to put the word out for you". Seller replies he is sold thanks anyway...FAST FOWARD...6 weeks...I get a frantic email from the owner...he has not been sold and now needs to move ASAP.

Uh oh...well, I never said I'd take the horse, but would have sent out a newsletter etc and helped place the horse with her.

Next email...she's out of time, had to borrow money for board, etc. So, yep, you know where this is going...Pumpkin came in the 2rd week of February. Why might you ask did I bother to email this lady when I have so many horse waiting to come in? Because I could tell from the ad that this owner was REALLY trying to the best she could for her guy, but had no guidance and no idea how rough the horse world can be.

First off, her price was WAY too low - I told her this, but she either didn't believe me or thought it was too late to change. Everyone thought there MUST be something wrong with him (cynical yet common thoughts when horses are "too cheap" and I am guilty of it too sometimes)

Second: Do not put silly hats on a horse unless your waiting for people like me to find you...that's the one and only time I have EVER emailed ANYONE about their horse for sale. So, don't do it, don't wait, am not planning to do this again. It just happened...

Finally, I knew Natty's Mom had just lost her guy Waco (after my initial email to seller and before her final email) and thought he would work for her. And you know what...he's going to be perfect for her. I didn't know Waco would pass away in the middle of this lil Pumpkin adventure, didn't know till after we said we'd take him that she (his owner) was out of money and he would be headed to auction...funny how things work out...isn't?

He left a little while ago...I don't load horses anymore (long story - terrible accident)...but he wouldn't get on...and Mitch (the hauler we have been working with for over 3 years now, we met him through Shiloh Horse Rescue - we love those guys) said..."Jo, now he trusts you, get up there and lead him on"....this was after 45 mins of him just standing, walking backwards and not wanting to move etc. I said, "I cant do it Mitch, I'm too nervous." He said, "Yes, yes you got it girl...go up there and load him"...So...I took some deep breaths looked at Pumpkin and said..."You know I love ya, right...and you're going to an AMAZING home. You just gotta get on this truck with me"...he looked at me and walked right on. I was SO happy, actually, I can't tell you how I felt exactly, it was a wonderful moment for both us, I think!

That was that!! Pumpkin is a very special guy...he gave his previous owner much joy (hence the reason she tried so desperately to get him a home) and he and Mitch gave me the confidence I need to load all by myself (broken ribs and elbow with last loading event) and to know I CAN do it. And he will bring much joy to Natty's Mom, Sara, who lost her beloved Waco at 43 years of age (not a typo) and is waiting for her new boy to arrive. BTW - Pumpkins adoption fee to Sara...$1

Thanks Pumpkin :o)

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