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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prince's Death Will NOT Be In Vain

Prince's registered name was Goldmart Prince - a stakes winner...won over $115,000 and due to a HUGE comedy of errors, this horse ended up like this. I will not be writing a lot, as my head is throbbing and my eyes are swollen, but I wanted you all to know that the donations that came in for him will go towards his final expenses (and I am sure they will be high, the emergency vet call, euthanasia and properly taking care of his remains, well, I don't know what that will be)...

If there is anything left over it will go to Bandito, but I don't think there will be any and more than likely Angel Acres will have to cover his final costs. I am grateful for the donations we received for his care and for the 3 donations that were for my birthday wish...which will be helpful.

Finally, we WILL ABSOLUTELY persue his case and I have spoken to a couple of very wonderful people who we are going to track back everything we can on him, expose the rotten SOB's that did this and we have few issues with the way his case was handled in the very beginning. I am not at liberty to discuss them now, but boy oh boy, I will lay it all out here the MINUTE its done.

Thank you to everyone who cared about Prince. I will not let his death be in vain...his life WILL be remembered and we WILL stop the bastards who think its cool to weigh 300lbs and race horses (any breed and ususally injured or in poor heath) in the back alleys of a major city. And we ARE going to hold those accountable for improper care and treatment of these poor horses.

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