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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bandito - Starved & Left For Dead - Now Recovering!

These are photos from yesterday morning of Bandito's left you can see the hair is gone...we gave him a bubble/medicated (SSSHHH...he didn't know there were meds in there lol) bath on Sunday. (The other side is the same - no hair)

It was oozing and doing some really freaky stuff (my vet would be writhing if he saw me describe it in these terms) and we decided to use an anti-fungal shampoo. Evidently, it worked wonders!

The hair is now dry, no oozing and I was able to lightly use my hands to remove the dead hair and WOW it smelled terrible!

It now appears that new hair is growing in and it's all smooth and shiny!

We have set up a page specifically for Bandito's Fund.

This page will accept donations quickly and securely for anyone who wants to donate to his care and recovery.
Big thanks to everyone who is helping this guy recover!

He is still painfully thin, but I do believe the prayers and good wishes and visitors are helping his spirits!

Thanks for helping us help Bandito!

Bandito's Fund click to learn more!

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