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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cheryl Babysits & Kids Color - For Angel Acres!

Cheryl, an Angel Acres reader and supporter from Vermont, has contributed to our Just a Buck Fundraiser...which has now become the Poopy Holder Machine Fundraiser! LOL!

Cheryl donated her money she earned babysitting and the young children she baby sat also donated a dollar each to our fundraiser...what a wonderfully, kind, generous thing to do...thank you Cheryl, Elijah and Ben!

Thank you for your wonderful donation!

And thank you to everyone who has pledged or donated to the fund! With pledges and donations we have met our goal and will be picking up the spreader this weekend...YEA!!!

The pictures on the left and below are the adorable pictures the children colored and sent with their donation...priceless :o)

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