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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fun Update and a Beautiful Photo!


I just found out that we have been invited to the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky this year by our friends at the Maker's Mark Secretariat Center, how cool is that?!

We may be sending someone from the Angel Acres Velvet-Nosed gang to be adopted out through the center during this 16 day event! The Center has placed 3 of the Angel Acres horses through their program.

This is Fly and Melissa at a show in Kentucky!

She is one of 3 rescued Thoroughbreds sent to Makers Mark to represent Angel Acres, the Thoroughbred breed, and the commitment of good, solid rescues working together to change the lives of Thoroughbreds.

Makers Mark strives to promote the rescues they work with at all of their events...big, super, duper thanks to Susanna, Melissa and the entire Makers Mark Gang!

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