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Friday, May 14, 2010

Just A Buck Fundraiser - Manure Spreader - is under way!!

The Send Us A Buck, Help Us Clean Up The Muck Fundraiser is Underway!!

We are in need of a manure spreader, our 1938 New Idea Manure Spreader could no longer be repaired after 6 years of constant use. We had one donated to us via Pam, one of our readers and wonderfully nice lady...when she went to measure it for pickup, she discovered it had been STOLEN!!

We use the spreader to take the manure and straw right from the stalls to the spreader to the fields...NO manure is stored on the property. This makes it much cleaner, safer, keeps flies and rodents away and generally helps to keep the environment for the horses healthier.

Truly, there is NO glory in rescuing a manure spreader from it's we need it almost as much as we need hay and grain.

Please Send Us a Buck and Help Us Clean Up The Muck! If you would like to help with our fundraiser: Send us a buck to:

Angel Acres
PO Box 62
Glenville, PA 17329

Or you can click here to donate today!

Thanks so much for helping us help keep the rescue gang all clean and spiffy!!

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