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Monday, May 17, 2010

Rebecca FINALLY Reaches Jo & Angel Goes Home -

Angel went home with her new family over the weekend...yea!
Rebecca saw Angel's picture and pretty much tracked me down (I had left her a few messages letting her know I am sometimes hard to get ahold of due to cell service, meetings, etc) and told me she HAD to have Angel.

We thought we would have a difficult time finding someone to match her...Angel, I explained to Rebecca, was not just an anyone's horse, so to speak...she is a great ride, super duper smooth canter, sound, gorgeous, no bad habits, no vices, etc...but needs one on one attention to really thrive and be happy. And, as any mare, can be spunky.

Well, as many of you know, I play velvet-nosed & human non-fuzzy nosed, match maker...A LOT...after speaking with Rebecca (quite extensively), I got the feeling that, yes, Rebecca is right for Angel and will give her what she needs to be forward...Angel has a new, wonderful Mom & human family!

Here's just a few pics of her first day in her new home...

Thanks Rebecca for giving this sweet girl a wonderful forever home!

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