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Thursday, May 27, 2010

To The People Slaughtering American Horses In Florida!

Outstanding Peer Reviewed Manuscript - EATING HORSE MEAT IS A HEALTH RISK!!!

Click Here to Read The Manuscript:

Association of phenylbutazone usage with horses bought for slaughter:
A public health risk

Whomever is eating horse meat in the USA (via the illegally slaughtered horses in Florida) or wherever, I sure hope you read this...maybe your own health being at risk will make you think twice about eating American horses.

Since the pain and suffering you (YOU meaning whoever is committing these horrific acts & YOU meaning the person eating, maybe one in the same ) are inflicting upon someones riding partner, friend, pet, companion, (insert word) etc. has no affect on your cold, calculating and money motivated heart...maybe the fact that you (see ref above) will probably suffer some health repercussions for your heinous acts of violence towards innocent victims MIGHT give you reason to pause and consider your acts and stop this terrible, barbaric and illegal act!

If not, I hope they find you and throw the book at you...

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