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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bandito's Update - Day 60 - after being rescued from death trap of neglect & starvation!

This is Bandito, eating hay this morning in his dry lot...soon, we hope, he will be moved onto grass in one of the pastures for very small periods of time...for now he eats hay all day long!

He is recovering from liver damage, is eating 2 big scoops of senior feed twice a day, is eating hay stretcher once a day and has clean water all day long.

He is mostly hairless along his topline and down his barrel...but new, soft hair is slowly, sssoooooo slowly growing in!

Click here to see his arrival day, 30 minutes after being rescued from the death trap that he and Gee (Gee did not survive and starved to death next to Bandito) were can see the VAST improvement in only 60 days!!

Bandito's Fund Page is here. Thank you to everyone who has donated to him, prayed for him and visited him to give him love and support...thank you...

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