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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Emails I Receive About Starting A Rescue - Read on!

You should SEE some of the emails I get...I could do a tv show just on those alone...and I just think...WOW...

Lots of people REALLY believe that because they want to start a rescue that they can write for grants to purchase a farm and off they me...if there was a grant out there to buy a larger farm, I would have found it. There are NO start-up grants that I am aware of, none, nada, zip, zero...

It's a catch 22 for the would be rescuer - you have to have SOMETHING/SOMEWHERE to place animals to start (small farmette, a loaned stall, maybe some foster families- SOMETHING), a business plan and a passion to save (insert animal) and a relentless work ethic.

In my case I am as stubborn as can be when I have decided to do something, I will give it my best effort and succeed or give it my best effort and fail...I refuse to be 80 years old and wondering, what if I had done (insert item)...I will try and know the outcome, good, bad or just silly!

If I can give anyone a bit of advice to anyone who chooses to go into rescue...It is this, say thank you and really mean it!

I truly, absolutely appreciate every single person who donates to our rescue, says a kind word to me, writes me an email, pays a visit, organizes a fundraiser, or simply emails and tells me they are sending prayers and good wishes, etc...

I always send out a thank you card to them (or email if no mailing address) and I may take a month to get a note out, but its always hand written by me ( you might not be able to all read it, I have terrible carpal tunnel lol) and sent via postal mail.

Without ALL of these things...a rescue cannot succeed.

A dear friend of mine said to me one day during one of my "oh woe is me days" (the truck, tractor AND car were all broken down, it was snowing, etc) and the calls for help and horse surrender and horse neglect were still coming in...and I said to her, "don't people understand how hard this is and that I am not Super Rescuer Girl?" And she said, "Jo, you make it look to easy."

You know what...she is right...I really try not burden people with my problems, I try not to say too many sad things on the web (but rescue is sad, it can also be fun, crazy and hectic in a good way), try to find the positive side of almost everything and really keep my emails, newsletters, etc upbeat. I also have a few good volunteers that are AMAZING...and sometimes mistakenly people will call me the "rescue owner" one owns the rescue...I am lucky to be able to administer the program and the horses are who we all answer too, they are the owners.

Rescue is hard, unending, demanding, time-consuming is NOT easy, but the reward of seeing photos posted of once slaughter bound horses being loved on by their new families is a reward no paycheck could ever match.

Good luck to all of you up and coming rescuers!

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