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Friday, May 28, 2010

Big Thanks To Rick - WHY, you might ask? Read on...

We just received our very first, EVER, donation from the sale of a vehicle....AND I didn't even know it was happening until I got the check mail!

Rick donated his vehicle to Independent Charities of America and they sent us a check! I have heard of this kind of donation before and really didn't think they worked...well, now I'm a believer (oohhh...singing in my head like Davey Jones...hhhmmmm...maybe to early to be bloggin?! lol)...

THANK YOU RICK!! This is a fabulous way to start the weekend...especially since our No Show Picnic Hay Fundraiser Starts this weekend!! YEA!!!

Would you happen to have a car thats just sitting around, oafing, taking up space and just in need of a new home?! If so, click here and consider donating it to Angel Acres!

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