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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


THE VIDEO BELOW CONTAINS GRAPHIC HORSE SLAUGHTER FOOTAGE...NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART...This is why we were founded over 6 years ago...I quit my job, changed my life, the life of my family because of what they were doing to horses...I will post a link later that lists everyones congress men and women and who to contact to ask that the legislation to close the borders be passed. I will get the bill number, etc and post this evening.

Please Cross Post and Share - AGAIN GRAPHIC FOOTAGE - I don't like posting it, but if it isn't shared, it will continue and more horses will suffer horribly.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Volunteer Day 1 At Angel Acres - Fence Repair!

Big Thanks to the Horse N' Around 4H Club for their donation to Angel Acres and for the wonderful treat bags they made for each horse (I ran out of battery on my camera and will post a picture this evening)!!

Some of the volunteers (the leaders) of the 4H group came out yesterday and repaired our was in DIRE need of repair!! Thanks to Amy, Cheryl, Dana, & Rachel who came out and helped with this project!!!

Our fencing is now completely upright! WOO HOO!

We will also be replacing some of the fencing (two fields at least) that were basically ruined by the tremendous snowfall we had. We are hoping that our address label program will help us raise the necessary funds to install the new fencing, our estimate is $2000 for both fields ...YIKES... with our labor...but, we must do it to keep the horses safe!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our readers know Jo, a little too well, I think!'s Day 1 of volunteer weekend and I get a call from the post office...I have a package...Well now...I wasn't expecting thing, so I hurried to the post office, to see what it was.
I got there, get the package...I shook it (nope, did not help in identifying item inside lol)...I look and its from Angel Acres reader...and I thought..."Oh no she didn't"....sssooooo...I hurried home and opened it...
With a wonderfully kind note!
Thank you, TY!! You know I will making some tonight!

Volunteer Day 1 Blog will be posted in the morning...just had to share this with everyone tonight...I thought it was very sweet of her to do...what a great to sending pics from phone to email for the blog...
Have a great night everyone!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Dewey - Sound, Adorable, Needs Home NOW!

Dewey is in need of a loving home! He is SUPER DUPER SWEET!
He is sound, up-to-date on everything, no issues, no vices, he is a 14 year old chestnut tb, 15.3 hands high, walks, trots, canters and loves go on trail rides, will walk on the beach & go swimming & he was also a pony horse at the track.
He is super special and was adopted by Lisa and due to divorce, needs to find him a new home.
Free to great home with an Angel Acres contract after approved application, located in Cape Charles, VA area.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prince's Death Will NOT Be In Vain

Prince's registered name was Goldmart Prince - a stakes winner...won over $115,000 and due to a HUGE comedy of errors, this horse ended up like this. I will not be writing a lot, as my head is throbbing and my eyes are swollen, but I wanted you all to know that the donations that came in for him will go towards his final expenses (and I am sure they will be high, the emergency vet call, euthanasia and properly taking care of his remains, well, I don't know what that will be)...

If there is anything left over it will go to Bandito, but I don't think there will be any and more than likely Angel Acres will have to cover his final costs. I am grateful for the donations we received for his care and for the 3 donations that were for my birthday wish...which will be helpful.

Finally, we WILL ABSOLUTELY persue his case and I have spoken to a couple of very wonderful people who we are going to track back everything we can on him, expose the rotten SOB's that did this and we have few issues with the way his case was handled in the very beginning. I am not at liberty to discuss them now, but boy oh boy, I will lay it all out here the MINUTE its done.

Thank you to everyone who cared about Prince. I will not let his death be in vain...his life WILL be remembered and we WILL stop the bastards who think its cool to weigh 300lbs and race horses (any breed and ususally injured or in poor heath) in the back alleys of a major city. And we ARE going to hold those accountable for improper care and treatment of these poor horses.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sadly, Prince Loses His Battle

It is with a very, very heavy heart that I write this tonight...we lost Prince at about 8pm this evening. I went to check on him at 5pm and he was down in the stall, breathing rapidly and could not get up. His legs had been shaking earlier in the day and he was really unsteady.

He had trailered in from Philly and we had no idea how thin and weak he was...we were all shocked when he got off the trailer. We also found out that he was in liver failure (we are awaiting a call back from the agency that first got the call about him to determine if they pulled blood or not) and probably endstage kidney failure. My vet said he was suprised he had survived this long and we all agreed he was the most emaciated horse any of us has ever seen.

He had been starved a very, very long time and his body just gave out. I want to thank Clare who sent out the troops for us immediately...Ben arrived to help try to get him up, then Clare showed up with Mike...Clare closed her store to be with us...and then my husband came home to me in the barn in tears...then our vet who was on the way from my first call arrived.

I want to tell everyone reading this that these 5 people treated this horse with more kindness, respect and love in his last hours than he probably saw in the last several years. Ben and Mike and Greg made sure he was laying on a mat and Ben made sure that a towel and soft flannel jacket was under his head at all times...he was with us only a very, very short time...we tried to fill his last days with lots of love and kindness...we are all better people for having had the chance to hold him, just for a little while.

I am too upset to write anymore this evening...thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers for husband has lovingly covered him with a warm blanket and he will be taken care of in the morning.

Time For Some Happy News! Remember Raneem?

I just received this from Irene (ok I got it on Saturday but I am WAY behind on emails due to Bandito and Prince) and I wanted to share with you...we really needed some happy news and here it is! She adopted Raneem, a pasture buddy for her guy, Regent just about 2 years ago....

"In the light of what you just sent out (she is referring to newsletter with Bandito) I wanted to send you this picture as a reminder of the good work you do. I've been meaning to
send this since the storms, but Raneem (and Regent) fared very well.

He is doing well, his front leg is holding up but we have noticed some
more stiffening in it. Nothing that prohibits him from cantering
around and bucking like a yearling.

He has been a great buddy and a sweet sweet horse. Keep up the good
work and although I'm disgusted by the death of the one horse I'm so
grateful bandito found his way to you just in time.

Take care,
Irene Jennings"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bella - Once Slaughter Bound Pony...UPDATE!!!

From Liz:

Bella showed her first time at Duncaraven Stables in Central NJ on March 6th.

She placed 6th in Under Saddle (only 6 in the class) and her rider Kelly placed 2nd in Equitation (there were 4 in the class). It's my understanding that she should have been pinned better in the Under Saddle as another horse was bucking and acting up and our little Bella just behaved.

She was completely comfortable and didn't have a worry in the word. She just powered herself around with all the big horses. She really doesn't know that she is a pony! She is bombproof and this was her first time off of the property and she didnt have a care in the world. Of course when she got off the trailer she took about saying hello to everyone. Ears pricked up and a smile on her face!!

I am also attaching a picture of her doing her what she does best! Hippotherapy and helping out our young clients.

She is an amazing pony and everyone loves her dearly

Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Girl & Jetta are on their way to their new homes!

Jetta is on her way to her new home in Pennsylvania with Merrian's Girls aka Dixie's family, Scott and Carol.

Baby Girl went to her new home with Janice and Emma.

Bandito continues to hang in there and well...its Monday!

More updates tomorrow...its been a long, crazy weekend and we are getting ready for exciting things at the rescue...yea!!!!

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bath and Clean Up Day At Angel Acres :o)

Today was bath and clean up day at Angel Acres!

Derby got a bath...he needs to be all spiffy because he gets ready to head to his new home in mid April...Luvie got all spiffy for his upcoming horse showing (we delayed from yesterday till Thursday)...and Bandito watched it all from his dry lot - he cannot have grass yet or be with the other horses until he is much healthier and has gained more weight.

Here he is watching the gang get cleaned up!

ALSO: Big thanks to Barbara, Fran, Eileen, J.A., Jennifer, Sandra, Judy, Irene and Jen at Pure Thoughts for making donations to Bandito's care...We truly appreciate this kindness to him...We are doing all we can to ensure he makes it...thank you for caring and thank you to everyone who is leaving notes for him...I will get those up soon!

Big Thanks to Fran and Chris who came out today to volunteer with us to clean, muck stalls, help with horse washing and on and on and on...the place looks fabulous ladies! THANK YOU!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Coloring Book By Janis Galatas to Benefit Bandito!

Janis has graciously allowed us to sell her coloring books to benefit Bandito! YEA!!!

Here some photos of the coloring book pages...all are drawny by Janis and there are about 15 or 16 pages in the book...they are $5 each (this includes shipping and paypal fee) and will be mailed out asap. If you'd like to purchase one you can paypal $5 to us at : or donate via our website donate now link!

Or send to:

Angel Acres
PO Box 62
Glenville, PA 17329


Thursday, March 18, 2010


Ok...soooooo...I am paying the feed man this morning when I see a white truck FLYING down the driveway (ok as fast an SPCA loaded truck can fly lol) and I am like...Now, who the heck could be coming here this early and then I see the side of the truck and think...uh oh...I wonder what happened?

Officer Boyer jumps out of her truck and yells, (to my feedman as I am walking up the hill as she didn't see me) I need Jo Deibel, right now...I immediately think...this cannot be good...sigh...

Sure enough, it wasn' foward to Bandito (ban-Deeto)to the left and above...The owners lost interest in their horses and just stopped feeding them, stopped EVERYTHING and this guy was LEFT IN THE BARN WITH HIS DEAD EQUINE FRIEND FOR 6 WEEKS...the owners allowed his friend to STARVE TO DEATH...before the snow storms...

Officer Boyer asked if we could take him, we said yes and he arrived 30 minutes later. It was THAT urgent. She then shows me pictures of the dead horse in the stall (she will be sending to me later today/tomorrow morning) ...the pictures below were unable to capture how horribly underfed this horse is, he is a 1 on the scale...a ONE...which is the same as almost dead...

How can anyone lose interest and not take care of their animals...ok, you lost interest, fine, find them homes...don't frigging starve them to death so you can go play your little teenage/twentysomething games. They are REAL lives you are destroying and guess what... the rescues who are already struggling trying to make ends meet are the ones who are going to pick up the pieces of your little game playing...hope these two people are proud of, I am disgusted that they are even breathing the same air that I am.

I cant imagine how terrified, hungry, cold and just plain lonely this poor quarter horse gelding was. His friend died right before the storm...he's been in there with his dead friend for 6 weeks, he himself starving to death.

The pictures above are upon arrival at 11:30 this here to see his page on the Angel Acres website.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Makayla's Drawing's of Tango and Preston!

These are two drawings that we just received from Makayla that are of Preston and Tango - she helps to sponsor these two guys!

They will go onto Preston and Tango's stalls - Thank you so much for drawing and sending these to us!!

Makayla is 12 years old and lives on the East Coast of the United States. She first saw Preston and Tango on website and wanted to help care for them, from afar!

Big Hugs To Makayla from the these two adorable velvet-noses!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Who Doesn't Love Return Address Labels?!

What a SNAZZY lil title for this post...actually, it just popped into my head! LOL!

Angel Acres has received word that one of the fundraisers I have been wanting to do...since the very first year we started the going to become a reality!! For over 6 years I have been wanting to try to do a return address label fundraiser. You've probably seen get a a envelope in the mail (addressed to you or you and spouse etc) and open it up and there is your name & address on an adorable sticky label with a cute picture or cartoon and a note about the charity sending it to you. I LOVE THOSE...because it saves me from writing my addy on the envelopes I send out (I have carpal tunnel and anything that saves me holding a pen or pencil is fabulous!) for people and bills, etc.

Each one says...this is what we do...this is why we do it...would you like to don't have too...but hey, if you want to that'd be great. If not, well, we won't bother you again and that's that, keep the labels they are a gift.

I tried and tried and tried to get someone to help us do it...FOR YEARS...we kept hitting road blocks or something else would get in the way. So, I just put it on the back burner and know, maybe one day we will get to give it whirl. I had wanted to send out just one mailing a year (as I wouldn't want to harrass our donors and readers) and then have custom labels available on our website for a donation of any amount. Sadly...

I found out that a run, even at the printers cost, is several thousand dollars...which would mean that most of the funds raised would go to pay off the fundraiser costs and the rest would go to Mattie's Legacy Fund (which really needs more funding) and to Angel Acres General Fund (which we use to feed, house, etc the horses). This would be great to raise awareness about Angel Acres, Mattie's Fund, etc...but would it really be worth the time, effort and money...with NO guarantee we'd even raise a penny....a big risk we could not afford to take....



You just KNOW the people responsible for this are going to be so sick of hearing me say thank you, thank you, thank you so much, gosh they will probably have to go into hiding! LOL! I can't give out details now...but wanted to prep the poor souls who will eventually have to change their number to get me to stop calling and thanking for what they were in for :o)

Actually, I will control myself, say a thank you, post their links predominantly on our site...and will be sure to tell everyone I know how fabulously kind they were (there are several different people involved to make this happen for us and I will let you know soon who they are).

I AM THRILLED because this generous donation of time, skills, printing, envelope stuffing etc. will allow us to raise awareness about Angel Acres and why we rescue horses and EVERY penny raised will go towards Mattie's Legacy Fund and the Velvet-Noses we care for here at the rescue!

EVERY SINGLE PENNY RAISED - all because of the kindness of a few wonderful, caring people....PRICELESS :o)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pumpkin, A Special Horse, Is Headed Home :o)

Pumpkin's Story is unique...I happened to see his listing on me...I do not troll the internet looking for horses...I have a waiting list for horses to come in. BUT...I saw this lil face, he was a wearing a Santa hat and's ADORABLE...then I saw the price; my heart sank...for you see...his price was only $900 - yet he could walk, trot, canter and jump and the video of him working in the ring and the rider on his back riding him bareback, backwards and doing an around the world on him was amazing. (I think he might have been listed on ABR or something going back and forth, I don't go there, but have friends that do)

So, I email the seller and say "if you have trouble placing your horse, please let us know we will be happy to put the word out for you". Seller replies he is sold thanks anyway...FAST FOWARD...6 weeks...I get a frantic email from the owner...he has not been sold and now needs to move ASAP.

Uh oh...well, I never said I'd take the horse, but would have sent out a newsletter etc and helped place the horse with her.

Next email...she's out of time, had to borrow money for board, etc. So, yep, you know where this is going...Pumpkin came in the 2rd week of February. Why might you ask did I bother to email this lady when I have so many horse waiting to come in? Because I could tell from the ad that this owner was REALLY trying to the best she could for her guy, but had no guidance and no idea how rough the horse world can be.

First off, her price was WAY too low - I told her this, but she either didn't believe me or thought it was too late to change. Everyone thought there MUST be something wrong with him (cynical yet common thoughts when horses are "too cheap" and I am guilty of it too sometimes)

Second: Do not put silly hats on a horse unless your waiting for people like me to find you...that's the one and only time I have EVER emailed ANYONE about their horse for sale. So, don't do it, don't wait, am not planning to do this again. It just happened...

Finally, I knew Natty's Mom had just lost her guy Waco (after my initial email to seller and before her final email) and thought he would work for her. And you know what...he's going to be perfect for her. I didn't know Waco would pass away in the middle of this lil Pumpkin adventure, didn't know till after we said we'd take him that she (his owner) was out of money and he would be headed to auction...funny how things work out...isn't?

He left a little while ago...I don't load horses anymore (long story - terrible accident)...but he wouldn't get on...and Mitch (the hauler we have been working with for over 3 years now, we met him through Shiloh Horse Rescue - we love those guys) said..."Jo, now he trusts you, get up there and lead him on"....this was after 45 mins of him just standing, walking backwards and not wanting to move etc. I said, "I cant do it Mitch, I'm too nervous." He said, "Yes, yes you got it girl...go up there and load him"...So...I took some deep breaths looked at Pumpkin and said..."You know I love ya, right...and you're going to an AMAZING home. You just gotta get on this truck with me"...he looked at me and walked right on. I was SO happy, actually, I can't tell you how I felt exactly, it was a wonderful moment for both us, I think!

That was that!! Pumpkin is a very special guy...he gave his previous owner much joy (hence the reason she tried so desperately to get him a home) and he and Mitch gave me the confidence I need to load all by myself (broken ribs and elbow with last loading event) and to know I CAN do it. And he will bring much joy to Natty's Mom, Sara, who lost her beloved Waco at 43 years of age (not a typo) and is waiting for her new boy to arrive. BTW - Pumpkins adoption fee to Sara...$1

Thanks Pumpkin :o)

Friday, March 12, 2010

New Program At Angel Acres - Horse of the Week!

We will be highlighting one Angel Acres horse each week...all of the Angel Acres horses are up to date on feet, teeth, shots, deworming, etc.

ALL of the horses are quarantined at a farm in Maryland for a minimum 60 days. They are then brought into the main farm where they are handled by me, and then the volunteers and evaluated for mental and physical stability, etc. Then they are sent to the training farm where they are schooled, and exercised several days each week.

Once this is done they are made available for adoption. Our new feature will give a more indepth look at each horse and we will be making a stronger push to find him or her a home. We will be starting with Luvie and working our way through the cast of characters, er horses, residing at Angel Acres!!

This weeks horse is Luvie...his special post will be up soon!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thunder and Baby Girl - Update!

Thunder is going to be heading to the Harrisburg area with experienced horse person who has trained two mustangs. She should have no trouble with Thunder! This is a foster home...allowing more time for placement, and with Jennifers training this sweet guy will get a second chance at life!

Baby Girl is going to her new home with Janice of New Jersey! Janice has been a reader of ours for several years and saw the post about needing help and called and that was that!

Big thanks to these two ladies for helping these two horses get to safety!! We will update once they are settled into their new homes. Thank you to everyone who posted, cross-posted, emailed and forwarded are plea for help!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Still Searching For Home for Gelding...

Baby Girl has an application pending...yea!!

But, Thunder (shown to the left) is still in desperate need of a home...please call or write if you can help this wonderful guy...he needs a home NOW...

Mattie's Legacy Fund has paid for vetting, coggins, etc. He now needs a you have room in your barn and heart for this sweet guy?

As MANY of you know, I normally don't get on board, forums, etc to ask for help...but the family is losing their farm and I am worried about this poor boy...we don't need funds...just a home...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Redd Goes To His New Home!!

Red being loaded to go to his new home in Delaware with his new Mom and Dad!
Note from his foster mom, Clare:

"OMG Redd was perfect. Joe and I were standing next to the trailer talking and Redd said let's go and pulled Joe to get ON the trailer. "

Sounds like Mr. Redd is looking forward to being a pampered pet!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

'Baby Girl & Thunder in (Berwick, PA) URGENT NEED of Homes!!'

Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.

I hope that this note finds you well...I am writing to ask for assistance with two horses that are in dire need of placement.

The Angel Acres Mattie's Legacy Fund has supplied food, has had shots administered, a health check performed and a new Coggins' pulled on each horse and now we need your help to find these two horses great homes.

Baby Girl (who is just drop dead gorgeous) was originally adopted out by Angel Acres just over three years ago...Thunder (completely adorable) was rescued (by owner) after found tied to a tree at about 18 months of age.

The owner is in DIRE financial straits and is losing their farm...this is an URGENT/EMERGENCY plea for assistance.

Baby Girl is an 9 year old gorgeous dark bay Thoroughbred Mare...Thunder is an adorable 5 year old (we believe) standardbred gelding.

These two horses have no issues, no vices, no bad habits, no injuries...they are in desperate need of homes, even a 3 month foster home would be a consideration if the foster is in our fostering area...

Both will be free to good home.

Please write or call (717-965-7901) if you can help either or both of these sweet horses...

An application and adoption agreement go with both horses. If you do not have room in your barn at the moment, please feel free to send this email onto anyone you know who might have room.

Forward to a Friend

Jo Deibel
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.
Baby Girl:

9 year old Thoroughbred mare, dark bay, 16.1+ hands, sound, no issues, no vices, hasn't been ridden in awhile. When she was ridden the owner was able to put her grandchildren on her and walk her around...she is very sweet, but likes to be queen bee with Thunder.


4 - 5 year old Standardbred (we believe) gelding, he is about 15 hands high. He was found in terrible, neglected condtion...terrified and skinny. He is sweet, kind and willing...he is good for the vet and farrier, but has never been ridden or broke to ride. Maybe would make a good project for a Pony Clubber or 4H'er?

Both horses are located in Berwick, PA.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Cup O' Cuddles On His Way Home!!

Cup O' Cuddles just left for his new home with new Mom, Jazmyn!! He was great...due to traffic Jazmyn and company arrived about an hour past sundown...light is limited in the loading area (area is smaller due to snow, mud and muck)...but...

Jazmyn put the lead rope on him, walked him to the trailer, he walked right on (in the dark/almost no light) and we put the butt bar up and that was that!

We are THRILLED for both Jazmyn and the left is his picture whilst waiting on his new family to arrive...

Congrats to Jazmyn...we think this is a great match and together, they will go far!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cinnamon Swirl & Website!

Cinnamon Swirl is off to her new home with Nicola, in Michigan! She loaded on the trailer in about 3 mins...not bad for not being on a trailer in about a year...but she's an OTTB and it's sort of like second nature to them!

Also, website is coming along nicely and we are planning to launch the new site this week...yea!!

Super Big Thanks to giving Swirly Girl, as I call her, a second chance at life!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Sorry for the delay in posting updates...been working like crazy on the new site, grant writing, still digging out and taking care of the gang...

Will be posting some updates soon!!!!!